Shannon Appleby


I began shooting photography at the age of 19 when I came home from college. I had always had an interest in it, I was in the AV club in High School, but something was missing. As a Telemarketing rep for APAC, I worked on the Eastman Kodak Company survey team. We developed an entirely new way for Kodak to communicate with their customers, Photographers. I worked my way through the phases of my friends and family saying all of my photos were AWESOME, to comparing my work to other, more successful photographers and artists, I developed my own, unique style, innovated my techniques and learned that I didn’t need a zillion dollars worth of fancy lighting to get just the right image that my clients were looking for, and today, after thousands of clients from babies, to weddings, magazines, motorcycles, seniors and corporate headshots, I have honed those skills to be able to gather the reflections of light, color and shape just the way I want to efficiently.

23 Years of Photography Experience

23 Years of photography experience in portraits, product and marketing. The Standard poses aren’t what I am known for, I choose to capture your personality through your eyes, your style and your interests. Creating a photograph is pretty easy, you just push the button and you get what you were looking at. If that were the case, why would anyone ever hire a professinoal?For 20 years, I have been honing my skills in capturing images, manipulating light, being in just the right place at the right time with the right subject. This all takes skill and planning. This is why you pay a professional to take your photos for you. I didn’t just buy a REALLY NICE CAMERA and start charging for photos. I have made many mistakes, learned from them and built a toolset of skills that allows me to get just the right shot that you are looking for, without a lot of trial and error. My clients are pleased with the work I do because they trust that I am going to get them just what they need and want in the end.


The creation of your final images from planning the shoot, selecting locations, preparing wardrobe, makup, hair and lighting all the way to the end with digital touchups, graphic design, selecting sizes, paper quality, color corrections and then packaging, you are purchasing a work of art.

This artwork takes a lot of brush strokes, textures, and different tools to create the final masterpiece that you are purchasing.  You aren’t buying a print of a picture, you are ultimately purchasing a piece of artwork that you have commissioned me to create for you.
I take great pride in having the ability to see what it is that makes you who you are.  I enjoy using the tools, from my choice in Canon Camera products, the lens selection, time of day, sunny or shade, reflectors, lights, fabrics, effects and the computer software of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and much more that it takes to deliver your final product to you.


The Park | Wapsipinicon State Park
Modern City | Architecture, Stairs, Glass
Abandoned | Brick, Plaster, Dirty
Destination | Galena, Ill.


The ability to transform your images and correct little imperfections while utilizing technology as a tool for creation, rather than repair has opened up the world of creativity with artists of all kinds. Also making online ordering available, Digital High Definition videos and much, much more.