As 2016 came to a close, the realization that a brick and mortar, full size studio, Downtown Location wasn’t exactly what I needed.  I was in a building with many other businesses designed to help entrepreneurs with their business and for everyone to collaborate with each other.  Well, with many of them in the same location, those other businesses still chose to go with someone outside of the building, a nephew with a really nice camera or some cool video editing software that they were learning about in school.

Soooo, I left the office behind to continue to work from home.  WOW.  With about 10 times more work while in my home in just 2 months as opposed to 5 months in the new fangled, business development, granola sharing, free banana collaboration space, I will continue to do things this way.  On my own, and in my own way.

With that change of location and business model, we have expanded our partnerships to include TownSquare Media Radio group. 94.1 KRNA. 98.1 KHAK and 104.5 KDAT Radio stations in the Cedar Rapids / Eastern Iowa Area.  We are running Radio commercials to continually keep 3ChipMedia at the top of the minds of people looking for Photography and Video Production services. (Listen to our latest ad below.)

Along with this partnership, 3ChipMedia Studios is also providing all of the video production for TownSquare Media as well as photography services for all 3 Radio stations.  We also assist in brand development with Blog assistance, Promotions and even helping out their clients and advertisers with projects that are needed to be done.

Have a listen to our latest ad running on all 3 of the radio stations at this time.