The internet has changed drastically over the past few years, it used to be something that you read articles, blogs, forums etc. But now, when was the last time you saw a website and actually read the content of it? If a video is available, you take the 1 to 3 minutes to learn everything you can about the business, service or even an entertaining piece because you just don’t have the time. You get to see the place, its products and its people.

When you have a video on your page, you engage your customers immediately. This doesn’t have to be an instant product sell either, sometimes they just want to be familiar with you.

Continually putting videos on your page or social media will keep people interested in what it is that you have to provide. Engaging your customers is very important, of course your customer service, prices and product quality will keep them coming back to you, but videos will be shared. By your customers sharing your video, they are saying that they trust you, they endorse you and your business because of a good experience.


The first thing you need of course is a camera, this does not have to be an amazing expensive camera either, $199 will get you a sony handycam at Wal Store that will suffice just fine. The biggest mistake people make when shooting video, is they do not get good audio, video can be terrible, but with good audio, at least they will listen to the message, but bad audio will make them shut it off and move on right away. Who wants to listen to echoing audio with lots of room noise? NOBODY.

Stay close to the camera, keep the audio clear and consice. Get your message across without a ton of detail. If you can, get a lavalier microphone that will connect directly to your camera. U


As steady as your hand may seem, a camera is unforgiving, keep the shots wide angle, do not zoom if you can avoid it.
Wide shots make things look bigger too, your store or location is huge, your stuff is BIG, you are the big person to trust.

Next is some simple editing software, this will take some time to get used to. Bring the footage in and edit. EDITING TRICKS, Start talking, deliver your message, but nobody wants to see you talking the entire time, get other shots, location, outside, inside, customers (Singed release of course), products, services, whatever you are talking about, put a 3 or 3 second shot of it from a few angles.

Put your video to youtube, Facebook, twitter and instagram. Get it out there, but make sure too, that you put in keywords that are relavant to the content, and to your business. Don’t just put random words that you think people are looking for, you will get lost in the search engine world of billions of other things. If you serve BBQ in Cedar Rapids, make sure BBQ, Bar-B-Que, Ribs, Brisket and CEDAR RAPIDS are in your description, keywords and tags etc. This makes it easy for people actually looking for your service.

All of this may seem intimidating, so, if you don’t want to tackle it all on your own, and make a ton of mistakes, and take hours, days or weeks trying to figure it out, give us a call. We can make these for less than what it costs you in camera, mic, software and time to create them.

If you do make them, let us know, share it with us, and we will be more than willing to critique it and offer you some advice to help you create those videos on your own.

Thanks for taking the time to READ this article, now, maybe I should just go make a video telling you all about this and save you a 15 minute read and get it over with in 1 to 3 minutes.