How to do Online Branding

Traditional media outlets are not dead, they may be on their death bed, but still kicking.
Television, print, Magazines etc are all under the gun right now more than ever to change up their structure and their model.  WHY? Because of the interwebs.

With mobile phones and smart devices like Ipads and Android tablets so prevalent, who actually picks up a news paper or the yellow pages anymore? Not many people, I am here to tell you.



Building your brand online is crucial to creating contact with people, customers, vendors etc.  The first thing they do when they need you and your competitors is look online with either google or siri or whatever search tool they choose.  In order for you to be found, you must have a website, facebook page, instagram, twitter, linked In page etc.

Backup what you are doing online with other media of course, but building your name as the best in your industry is key.  It is not easy, unless you know what you are doing.  I am going to give you a few tips on how to make sure that you are seen as the best of the best or at least SEEN out there in the vast findings of THE GOOGLE.

Step 1. Have outlets to be found.     Website, Google Plus page, facebook, twitter, instagram etc are all FREE ways to be seen out there. But simply having them is no good if you don’t have content.

Step 2.   Provide content, content on the internet is the water that fills the bucket.  If you find a bucket in the desert, who cares.  Like if they find your website, if there is nothing there, it’s useless.   Add Water or Content to your bucket… Blogs, information, little known facts, list your clients no matter how few you may have, it’s a keeping up with the Jones’s factor.  Provide useful information 4 out of 5 posts on social media or even your website blog.  Meaning if you give a HARD SELL “20% off THIS WEEKEND ONLY” then show them 4 posts between that with FREE INFORMATION that they can use on their own.  If you are TV Sales company, Sell the TV, but then give them insight on how to choose a Blu-Ray player, gaming system, setup youtube, netflix etc.

Step 3.  Become the GOTO person or Industry leader by providing links to useful information as listed above, write your own personal view.  Like it or not, you don’t have to be an expert on a subject in order to sound like you are.  If you are the one talking about it, you are the one that knows about it.  This is a simple fact of internet information.  With the previous election cycle, MEMES ruled the NEWS information that swayed many people, a photo of one nominee posing with Osama Bin Laden made people think they were in association with them.  It was photoshopped.  Another with a glaring stare talking about how they would make your life great again may have swayed trust to that person.  This is just the nature of the internet and how it influences people.

Step 4.  Capitalize on all of this.  Express to your happy customers to please write a review, #hashtag you, share links, share stories, share memes, share, share, share.   This is how you get linkbacks, and that is what helps to build the buzz about you.  When there is buzz about you, people will feed into it and want to become a part of the most popular thing out there.  Make your own stories, write your own press releases.

Step 5.  As you are capitalizing, on this new found fame and glory, don’t get passive with it.  Keep it going.  Setup a marketing schedule, to do this, use free services such as that you can simply sit down, write out your blogs, articles, social media posts etc for the next 3 months, use this FREE SERVICE to schedule those, and let it do the work for you.

Step 6.  While you may have a system in place, you are rolling in dough, life is great, don’t forget about all that hard work you have done.  When your name is mentioned on the internet, respond to it.  Use Google, there is a service with google that you can use to watch for your name, business name, city or industry that you can be notified when it is mentioned.  RESPOND.  When someone comments on your Facebook post, reply, good or bad, reply.  If someone compliments you, thank them, maybe even send them an offer code.  When someone complains about you, respond immediately, this will stop further negative talk about you right away, it shows your concern and it shows that you are willing to help, make it right or just acknowledge their pain or dissatisfaction.

With all of this new information that you now have, go out and take on the world with your online branding.  Oh, and while I am at it, let me make my HARD SELL PITCH.   Great headshots make you look better to the people looking at you, beautiful images and videos of your services, products or locations are also a major part of this.  If you want to look great, don’t just rely on your cell phone camera to be that one view that people have of your business or image.  Get professional photos.  You are selling your clients on paying you as a professional, shouldn’t you pay a professional to look your very best? Call me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Yours Truly,

Shannon Appleby