I love shooting senior portraits for two main reasons, 1. Seniors and young people are so creative, uninhibited and willing to try just about anything which allows my creativity to move more fluidly.  They want to break the bounds, they are not constrained to the rules that sometimes come with photography and they are generally just really fun to work with especially when I see the look on their face and the excitement in their eyes as they start to see the final products come together.



2. These are future clients.  I have taken photos of babies that became young adults, then as seniors, then their engagement and even their babies.  A photographer is someone that once you find a good one that knows your families likes and dislikes will always be one of the few professionals that you can keep working with for most of your life.

The senior portrait dates back to the 1880s with young men in a tuxedo and women in lace or fur with a beautiful pearl necklace or family heirloom jewelry.



Today on the other hand, with computers, technology, cameras and a whole different set of rules to follow, the explosion of creativity is amazing. The Senior Portrait of today allows for graphical design, changes in scenery, something that allows the creativity of the senior themselves to get involved in.  They share photos from pinterest, websites, instagram etc to show you what they are interested in.  This can mean that I have to learn a whole new way of shooting photos, but for me, that is an adventure. I get to learn what others are doing, it shows me what the kids like and what they are looking for instead of the old days when everyone did the same thing and the end result was simply the wishes of the parents or the photographer.






Your High School Senior Portraits are a chance to capture who you are, right now, at this most pivotal point in your life.

The transition from High School to college or just moving on with life is more than simply changing schools or address, this is the time when things really start to change.  You are an adult now, you are taking care of yourself, you have responsibilities, bills, insurance, job, car, and whatever else you decide to take on.  Now, in a few years, you may want to look back to those easier days when you didn’t have all of those things and life was much more care free. These are what you can share with your kids too, to show them that yes, you used to be cool with your stone washed jeans and prep rolled pants with 5 inch bangs shooting straight up off the forehead.


Get some laughs out of your photos or remember the day they were taken as one of the funnest days you had as a teenager being the center of attention, the model for the day and all eyes were on you.

Shannon Appleby