They headshot is something that many people forget about in their daily lives or their careers.  Think about your LinkdIn profile…. Now, is your photo one that you took on vacation? What about your facebook or twitter profile photo?  Did you just have someone snap a photo with your phone and post it?  Or is it a mirror selfie?

When you put your image out there, you always need to make sure it is the best representation of you that there is.  If you are a manager, corporate leader, or just someone looking for a good job, companies are going to search for you on google and social media.  Put your best face forward, always have a good clean representation of yourself out there for them to find.

Recently, we were asked to get the coprorate headshots for the managers of ADM (Archer Danials Midland) agricultural processors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  They will be using these photos for such things as social media, website, industry profiles in magazines, publications and in-house media communications. (See the General Managers photo below)